Caring Notes

# 1: Gently take out the roses from the delicate box and remove the water tubes. Please BE CAREFUL of the thorns on stems.

# 2: Depending on your preferred length, cut the bottom of all stems at 45 degree.

# 3: External old petals are to protect the rose, gently remove it if you prefer. Gently remove any leaves or foliage that may touch the water line.

# 4: Ensure that the container is clean and fill it up to ½ with clean water then place your roses in it.

 M O R E   T I P S :

  • Change the water daily to avoid bacteria in the water and refresh roses daily with a mist of water.
  • Place the roses somewhere cool without direct sunlight.
  • Re-cut stems if roses start to fade. Remove any aging roses as they may accelerate the decaying process of other roses.

 ***Roses are meant to bloom, sharing its beauty to the world and fade away. These blooming, aromatic and delicate roses need your care.