About Us

V E '    S T O R Y

Some people say that fairytales are just stories to entertain young children but we believe that turning fairytales into reality wouldn’t be a difficult task if you would spend a little time to figure it out…

It all started from the curves on the faces of our loved ones that would deeply capture our hearts and souls, longing to see them smile every day and night. Seeing them smile just makes our heart skips a beat.

What comes with roses is that, despite its dangerous looking thorns, it has luscious petals with mesmerizing fragrance & most importantly is that, it can bring a big smile on the face of our loved ones and bringing our own fairytale to life while leaving valuable memories that would last forever.

We would like to bring more curves on the faces of your loved ones, no matter if it’s for your spouse, family or friends, a box of hand-picked flowers would guarantee melt their beautiful souls.

V E '    E X P E R I E N C E 

VE’ ROSERY  aims to send extraordinary love from you to your special one. To experience the utmost taste of love, an exquisite presentation is definitely a must.

Arrangements are bound to be done with ample care. In order to ensure every arrangement is filled with the ingredients of love, not all roses are qualified for VE’ ROSERY . Finest freshest roses are diligently handpicked and handcrafted to be packed in a distinctive VE’ ROSERY  designed elegant box.

The delicate roses are under perfect hydration and are conductive for prolonged life inside VE’ ROSERY  box as each blooms has its own individual water tube. Every bloom is designed to lay in different layer classes, they are pleasing and charming.

In order to avoid any scratches, labels or other imperfections, our delicate boxes are mailed in an outer packaging to ensure it being in an optimal condition when it reaches the recipient’s hands.

VE’ ROSERY  feels that nothing works better than improving your experience thereby we are pleased to have your words at hi@verosery.com. Alone we can do so little, together we can expect a masterpiece!